Just let it be.
Live through the moment.

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❤John Yang is my joy & happiness! Love & is Well Taken Care of by a Man.😘 You and I Grow Strong Together Only! Hand in Hand.🙌

W'ho AM I?

I'm just another typical lady like everyone else. Who has flaws and feelings. I don't like judging anyone especially their past & besides judging them does not make me any better. I learn that people makes MISTAKES and nobody is perfect.

Live, Love, &Laugh

Your characters define you through how you learned to accept your mistakes in life. ALWAYS ::StaySTRONG::. Smile and appreciate those little MOMENTS because in the end those moment makes the BIG impact in your LIFE.


You must learn to hate someone before you can love them.- maggie.chang

FYI some of these stuff are not my own, not unless I put my mark on it. TM: "MaggieTSAB."


I bet you’d sound adorable moaning my name.


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everything you love is here

Good Vibes HERE
July 29, 2k14

At times I still think of you hoping you’re doing well. Sometimes things don’t work out because it’s for the best & us it didn’t work out. I’m sorry for ever hurting you, but I know you deserved better. I won’t wish you the worse although at times you made me suffer, but it also gave me a valuable lessons to life. I only think of you at times because of all the great memories we held upon each other. I missed the memories, but I don’t missed you. One thing for sure no one will ever make me laugh the way you made me laugh. We had a “Once upon a time”, but not a “happily ever after” story.


everything you love is here
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Everything you love is here
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